May 11, 2020

How to use the android app in Jio phone?

The question itself is tough to answer because this is just like using a computer without a CPU!

android app in Jio phone

Can I install the android app in Jio phone?

Answer - No, it is impossible in this universe because both things are different.

An android app is specifically designed and developed on a particular category or to perform a particular task with respect to the compatibility in android devices.

Jio phones are simple phones which runs on the following:

Firefox Operating system / Open Web type (based on Linux kernel )
that works and operate with the help of these.

It's a simple small phone that is developed with a motive that every guy in this world should have a mobile device so that they can learn and get aware of the things!

Is it possible to use an android app in jio phone?

You will be in surprise to know that the answer is YES it is possible at some stages.*

*Apps like Facebook, Instagram and all the other big social or commonly used applications have their web-versions

The web version of these apps unlocks the compatibility restrictions so that they can work on android, java, Symbian platforms phones.

What are the web-versions of the app?

Simply, these are just common websites which can perform the same tasks as an app does. The web versions are located on search engines like - Google, Yahoo, Bing, Orkut etc.

Why web versions are compatible with jio phones?

Those apps which are running web versions with almost the same features or limited due to optimization for the compatibility to run in almost all the devices ( these type of applications can run even in jio phones )

Web versions are compatible because they can access by search engines like if we type facebook we get the site facebook similarly that goes with the other too.

Which are the examples of web version apps?

1. Facebook

2. Even Google play store

3. Twitter

4. Instagram 

Yes, I have selected an easy to get examples to provide you with a better understanding. Mostly social apps like these have the compatibility to run even in low-end devices.

For those who are using jio phones or have jio phones don't consider it a waste because a small thing can provide large value in innovations.

You will get a lot of tricks tips related to jio phones on the internet its hard to find the real working one but you can go through them to explore even more!

Is jio phone worth in 2020?

Yes, jio phone is still not so outdated that one can refuse to use them in 2020. The features are still present that one can not feel regret.

I hope this post helped you if still not then your doubts are always welcome our social handles are already present and the comment section is open!

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