May 14, 2020

active SIM card not displaying

Why is my active SIM card not displaying on my Android mobile how to fix it?

This can occur due to the following reasons -

1. Wrong placement.

Make sure to check that you have placed sim card in the right sim slot as prescribed. Inserting sim card in the wrong way can cause no detection in android smartphones.

2. Broken Sim slot

This can occur especially when you drop your phone from a certain height and it breaks or falls at the sim card side, this can cause damages to sim slot and your phone may unable to detect any sim.

3. Sim card Manager settings

Make sure that your active sim card should not be turned off by your sim card manager.

How to Turn ON sim card in sim card manager?

• Go to settings 

• Go to Mobile Networks then you will see Sim card Manager

• If you have inserted dual sim then you will see the sim slot details 

• Toggle ON the sim to be detected by your phone

4. Emergency calls only error

You might have noticed that whenever you are in no network zone sometimes you will see this written at the bottom of the status bar.

Actually technically when your phone doesn't detect sim card it says "No Connection"

And when there are some issues or error in-network or in your phone you might see "Emergency calls only"

This itself means you can dial only emergency numbers because it's nearly impossible to dial a number without any sim card.

How to fix Emergency calls only error?

• Turn on Flight mode 

• Restart your device and turn off flight mode

• Make sure to check network settings like( Apn, Roaming)

5. Using the right sim card adapter

Sim cards like (normal, micro, nano) have different dimensions if you are inserting a nano sim card in a normal sim phone then use an adapter to perfectly fit into the size.

Similarly, if you are inserting the micro sim card in nano slot then make sure to convert your sim card to nano.

This is the most common errors faced by android users whenever they use a dedicated sim slot to insert in normal sim card tray.

By all the above points your issue can be resolved but if still continues the same then you have contact with your service provider to change the sim card or register a complained regarding this.

And still, the problem persists then you have to get your phone checked by a specialist in order to resolve the issue.

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