May 5, 2020

Fix Instagram account not updating

How to fix Instagram account not updating in Samsung Galaxy S6?

Normally, every android user faces this problem sometimes when they try to edit there bio on Instagram but Instagram doesn't update and says that please try again later.

Even I was also facing the same issue, I tried to edit my professional account on Instagram, I actually tried multiple times to change the bio, profile picture and username.

For the first two-three times, it worked but then it stopped with an error saying please try again later. I thought that maybe my internet is running slow that's why so I tried again after sometimes.

But I faced the same thing, so I thought to try from the web version of Instagram but there was the same problem.

So after a lot of experiments and trials, I finally found the way and edit my account peacefully.

I will let you know how I did and resolve this issue. Make sure to read carefully and follow the methods and if anyone method you tried doesn't work for you then please try the other ones.

Method 1: Update

The error which I faced and Instagram continuously notified me "Can't continue the editing process" can be fixed by updating your Instagram.

Actually, this method won't work for me but it is advisable to update then try. Because with every update Instagram introduces new features + bug fixes or glitches.

Make sure to first update you Instagram from Google play store, if there is an option that Instagram is currently running under beta version then you can join it.

Method 2: Clear cache & data

• Go to settings

• Go to application manager

• Select Instagram and tap "Clear cache" and "clear data"

Don't worry this will not delete your account or any photos that you have uploaded on Instagram.

This will only clear your cache files and data on the smartphone! It recommended that after long use of any app you should once clear its cache so that if there is any errors or glitches it can be solved.

Method 3: Send feedback

Instagram teams are very concerned about there users, they have a help community to solve your problems! 

How to contact Instagram help community?

• Open Instagram app

• Go to settings and choose help centre

• Submit your feedback (include your images and other errors that you are facing explain to them)

I personally did this and received back an email within 48 hours. 

Method 4: Your friend's smartphone

If you want to make things quick and don't want to wait a bit then take your friend's smartphone login your Instagram account and make your necessary changes from there smartphone.

(To be honest, I prefer to go with this method)

Don't end it here you must report this issue to the Instagram team, yes I agree according to the current situation, you might get a response very late.

Keep patience and wait for the response, you can always try to change or edit the things from your house members smartphone.

So this was all if you have any doubts drop it below in the comment section.


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