Jun 6, 2020

How to use a smartphone as an interactive whiteboard

interactive whiteboard

Nowadays as teaching and studies have gone online and to facilitate easy teaching and better understanding to our students.

Now as we know, online classes are currently running at high speeds and our educators are trying there best to facilitate students.

Teaching is an art which needs a proper method to explain and it's incomplete for students without pen and paper similarly for our educators too.

Whiteboard is an essential thing when we all were in our school or college because generally it's used to provide knowledge and is a medium to facilitate students for writing notes, getting explanations etc.

As the classes are running online and every stuff is done online, here I have come with a solution for those who are facing or finding difficulty to teach to there students. But here's the solution I have got.

How to use an android smartphone as an interactive whiteboard for teaching?

• To use Whiteboard in android smartphones make sure that every part of your touch screen is working properly. 

Liveboard app (available on play store) can be used in android to teach your students.

• You can easily teach or share any information and tutorials on the GO, No matter where you are.

• You also invite students to the interactive classroom via the external link.

• You can chat and communicate with the participants or the students who are in the live class sessions.

• You can even create customised groups for different subjects like ( English group, Physics group, Maths, etc)

• Those participants who are offline can get important notifications easily.

• Supports to import images files like (png, jpg, and pdf).

• You can even record your sessions for future reference and use.

• Sharing on social media platforms like (Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and others is easy on the go) Easily share files and lectures.

• Interactive customised text feature.

• Different colours for better highlighting the points and explanations.

Please note: You smartphone should able to calibrate properly check the touch screen if its properly working at very corner otherwise you may face issues regarding touch sensitivity.

Enable touch sensitivity from the settings option (if it fails to calibrate) 


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