Sep 4, 2020

how to change device name in mx sharekro app

How to change the device name in MX share Karo app?

There are many popular file-sharing application available on play store for android!

MX sharekro app has 1M+ users, personally, I have two-three file sharing application which I use to transfer files.

Well, comparing popular file-sharing apps related to there features and speed, what I have learned and experimented that the transfer file speed 50% totally depends upon your device (Bluetooth versions, wifi and the tethering.)

Stop comparing the speed of those file-sharing apps as its totally time waste. Because half the ratio totally depends upon your smartphone (software, android, Bluetooth, Wifi, tethering) versions.

Coming to the point, MX share kro app is developed by Mx developers and it has 1M+ active current users so far.

The interface of the app is totally made only to share files (supports all formats) and from my point of view, it's a very straight app.

You have just three main options in the interface of the app that is "SEND" and "RECIEVE" and when we scroll towards the sidebar menu, we get basic options like [change path, invite friends and change language]

How to change device name in MX share kro app?

Sadly, No you can't change your smartphone's name or other device names in the app.
Because that's not exactly your device name, let me explain!

The name which you notice when sharing files is not your device its actually device model number!

I have a Samsung smartphone with the model SM11** (can't reveal)! So when I was sharing files the name was this model number, there is no option provided by the MX share kro app to change or edit the device name.

Most probably, MX share kro app will let this option enabled to its users in there next update.
I have submitted feedback regarding this to let us have an option to change and edit the device name in MX share kro app.

This becomes confusing when we are among the groups and one has to ask that which one is your device model number.

Nobody remembers the model number, in fact, I myself scrolled to about device section to look over the model number.

How to check your smartphone's model number?

• Go to settings

• Scroll down and select "About device"

• You will now see the basic information of the android version and device model number!

• Those who are Samsung smartphone user's there model number starts with SM1****

• You can also dial a special code to look up your device model number.

• The code is not made universally which work in all the brands of the phone, Samsung has different and so the other phone brands. 

It becomes easier for us to share files with the friendly device name in sharing apps just like other application with this feature.

This was a complete guide and update on how to change device name in MX Sharekro app!

Some important and basic FAQ's!

Q.1 Is MX player a Chinese application?

Sol. No, It is developed in India by MX media team which provides Indian based video streaming contents.

Q.2 Which is better MX player or MX player pro?

Sol. "MX player pro" because that it contains more premium features rather than the free one.

Q.3 Is MX sharekro an Indian app?

Sol. Yes, MX sharekro is introduced by none other than MX media team with the view to provide faster file transferring experience to its users.

Q.4 Is MX player safe to use?

Sol. Yes, its totally safe and trusted app by MX media team which is running from the past 9-10 years, easily available in Playstore.

If you have any doubts let me know in the comment section.

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