Aug 24, 2020

Increase Jio 4G speed

Increase Jio 4G speed

Honestly, based on my experience what I have seen in that in my friend circle most of them have Jio users, occasionally when I ask them that, Hey how is your internet speed in Jio?

One-half users replied to me- men it's running quite fabulous and I rarely face any network trouble issue.

Another half users replied to me that dude this is so frustrating, I always keep facing network issues in certain areas.

Call drops, unreachable network, slow internet speed, network connection error are the most common error that is faced across all the network operators.

But no doubts, the telecom teams are constantly working for us to provide their best services.

Tricks are that stuff that can convert the impossible things to reality, many users asked me and in fact, they claimed that:

How to increase Jio 4G speed

If you make a call in the background while keeping mobile data ON, you internet speed increases by two or three times.

Now when I heard this and for the first time I thought of that might be a fake thing or luck by chance but as in starting I said, I have a lot of friends who are Jio users.

And one day I decided to take a trial and want to discover my own personal experience with you all.

Now coming to the point, I am gonna share you one hidden truth of Jio networks.

Like normally, I was doing some stuff online and was facing issue related to slow network connection, then I got an incoming call from my friend and I normally picked up the call and turned ON speaker.

So after a few seconds what I notice was unbelievable for me and I don't know who else tried this but, Today I going to tell you what exactly happened to my internet speed!

Normally my internet speed was about in range between 456 kbps ~ 1.1mbps.

After a few seconds, I noticed my range increased to 678 kbps ~ 3.4mbps.

Literally, my internet speed increased and when I told my friend to okay just hang up for now.

Then my internet speed dropped again back after a few seconds and then when I checked what was the range I was getting then it was 212kbps ~ 567kbps.

Please note: I have mentioned internet speed in Range because you know it's impossible that the network speed would be at the same figure each time, its keeps going up and down.

What are the reasons behind this?

internet speed increased

I know now most of you will ask the reason, why how it is happening? Is it some kind of magic or any kind of trick?

I have researched down all the explanations and reasons for you and NO it's not any magic nor any kind of permanent trick, I would say because there is a valid reason behind it.

If it works then it's my responsibility to share with you all.

Earlier in 2G connections, we have all noticed that our 2G internet won't work when we get an incoming calls or put an outgoing call! Our internet connection gets disabled at that moment.

Which means that you can't operate the internet plus the calls together in 2G network connections.

That's because the bandwidth at that time was not so wide, this means that we have to do one thing at one time only.

Either we can surf the internet or put a call to someone.

Now in the present time, 3G is here then 4G and VoLTE technology is here [voice over LTE].
One more thing which I know some of you have noticed that Jio to Jio calls have better voice clarity.

If both the users are Jio on the line then we see an HD symbol in call home screen which means the voice clarity is improved.

Because the 4G connection is very much broad and fast nowadays, it has a separate pipeline which transfers the data in the form of separate packets.

(If you are a computer science student then I guess you know what I meant, there is a proper explanation in the book Internet and technology)

Those packets are large in size stores a large amount of data and transfer one user to another user.

That's the reason why you see and experience HD calls. And when you are calling someone then your phone network gets switched to a different band, which is used for HD voice calling.

The calling based on 4G or VoLTE is data-based, and when the bands gets switched, your call and internet gets merged in different from data-based bands.

What does that mean?

When you use internet plus your call is active it gets in the same band which carries larger data, and here you will notice your internet speed is different as from the usual.

The 4G and VoLTE technology can simultaneously manage calls and internet way faster than 3G and 2G.

When we call someone via using the internet in Jio, the default internet bandwidth gets switched too different one and in addition, your call bandwidth also gets merged which means the data is larger in the packet.

This has some disadvantages too!

• You network usages increases.

• Your smartphone battery may get drain faster.

• As the increase in network usages might increase radiation from the phone which may cause heating issues.

• You smartphone battery can be affected due to the above reasons.

Now some of you who are pro Pubg players will think, yes I will get more ping if I put a call in the background.

No, my friend don't try this, your battery may drain faster and why to compromise with your phone's battery for just a few moments of high internet speed?

Conclusion: Yes, your jio internet increases when you put a call in the background. And the reason's why this happens, I have stated above!

That's all guys, thanks for reading and I recommend not to try as the disadvantages are more, so why to put your device at risk.

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If you have any questions, put them below in the comment section!

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  1. Hey do you know I discovered this feature previous year in mont of October I was playing pubg and ping was around 500 to 700 and game was lagging then I got an incoming call from my friend so I started talking to him while on call and I was socked when ping went suddenly to 95-105 and game was running smoothly.All my friend was suprised too.

    I wana add some point here
    1. Always keep both the phone mute and on speaker.Also when using earphone don't put call on speaker.
    2.This trick work only for 2h as call automatically disconnect.
    3.This trick only work when network is full but data traffic is high and doesn't work in areas with low network.
    4.This trick also increase fps so games and videos runs smoothly.


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