Aug 22, 2020

enable notification light in Vivo y50

enable notification light in Vivo y50

Are you are Vivo smartphone user and facing issues related to notifications?

You can activate notification light in vivo y50 or any of the Vivo smartphones.

Here's an extra trick for you, In most of the android versions five or above have a feature of notification feedback via vibration.

Well, we will explain to you how you can enable this feature but lets first help you in enabling notification light in vivo smartphones.

Follow all the steps stated below:

1. NotifyBuddy (available on play store) will help you to enable notifications in your phone.

2. This app will ask you certain permissions but no worries as its Google play protected. [Permissions like - Notification, Overlay, Battery optimisation

3. After granting your phone will ask you to allow this app to read notifications so that it can provide you real-time notifications.

4. After doing all this now you will a list of applications which you have in your smartphone, you have to manually toggle ON notifications of each app.

5. Simply toggle ON for those apps which you want to get the notifications instantly. 

It's not necessary that you select all the apps, Its recommended only select those apps which we go through like (Facebook, Whatsapp and other all type of social media applications)

You can also choose different colour options for each app this will help you to easily get an idea that from which app you have an unread notification.

How to activate the notification light in vivo y50

• Open NotifyBuddy 

• Go to settings option 

Toggle ON (Enable LED option)

• Set LED animation time according to you ( 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 6 seconds)

• Set Blink Interval time (2,4,6 seconds)

• Set Stop timer (Notification light will not blink after a certain time)

• You can also set customised notifications for missed calls and unread SMS, or any updates.

• Scroll down until you see LED size by default( it might be set to 30) set the size according to your readability. 

• Also you can set positions of the LED light where it will blink like (above the top or any corners)

• Set LED shape to circle or any other shapes you want.

• Most importantly set the brightness level of the LED light to 100. (This will be good for easy noticeable)

• You can also test and preview and make your respective changes to the notification LED light.

So this was the method where you can not only get a notification, but you can also configure the notifications and easily get updates with different customised options.

Now as I said above, I will share you my personal extra trick which I use and have enabled in all of my other smartphones.

Get unread notifications via Vibration feedback whenever you unlock your phone.

You have to enable this setting from the developer mode option!

But some latest android smartphones version seven or above have this setting and can be enabled in the phone settings itself.

So I hope this post helped you and if still you have any doubts feel free to ask in the comment sections and I will clear it as soon as possible.

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