Aug 17, 2020

Is it possible to fully charge any android phone in under 30 minutes?

The answer is YES, you can charge your smartphone quickly but not fully to 100%.

No matter about the charger whether it is a fast-charging supported or just a normal charger.

-  No matter how much your smartphone battery capacity is 2500 mAh, 3000 mAh, 3500 mAh, or above.

- No matter whether you are using a power bank or an external electric device source or by electricity

FOLLOW these steps to charge your smartphone as fast as possible to get the best results in less than 30 minutes!

Firstly whichever application you are using EXIT and force stop it.

How to FORCE STOP any application in android?

1. Go to Settings
2. Application manager
3. All applications
4. Select the desired application which you want to force it down to stop [ force stop and uninstall option will appear ]
5. Tap on force stop.


Long press on the app a pop option will appear showing app info tap on it and choose to Force stop!

After you forced stopped all the apps, Go to Task manager and clear your recent tasks as well as Ram usage.
Set your Home screen and Lock screen wallpaper to Black or any dark theme this helps to save your battery usage by 50%

Coming to Network settings that are suitable to optimize and boost your device charging speed.

If you want to charge your phone and don’t want any interruption like phone calls or messages then turn on Flight Mode.
Flight Mode will disable all the networks and your phone will go under No network zone.
Turn OFF Vibration, Yes your 30% battery is eaten up by vibration

You are Now Ready and all Set to Experience that your phone will now charge itself way faster than before! 


1. We recommend you to use the only official original charger to avoid battery problems such as [ slow charging, heating, not charging, poor backup,]

2. We recommend you to not to take any calls while your phone is charging if its emergency, you can plug it out then receive calls.

3. Remove your mobile back cover advised by experts.

By following all the above steps you will notice that your phone will charge up at quick speed rather than before!

If still, this trick doesn't work for you and then with following all the steps stated above with addition to it simply, Turn OFF your phone and leave it!

If your phone is in good condition Now what does that mean?

How to Find that your Phone is Healthy and in Good performance condition?

Your device takes normal charging time as prescribed by the company
Battery backup is also normal
No hanging or freezing
Every file in the phone takes the same storage as written DATA provided by the file information.

Points like these shows and suggests that your device is in good condition.

I have stated just a few points because we are all in the New generation Tech-world!

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