Aug 19, 2020

How to fix android phone gets switched off while charging?

How to fix android phone gets switched off while charging? 

According to my personal experience, I faced the same issue with my smartphone.

But the reasons and solution which I will share with you will work for all the smartphone companies!

What are the reasons for the phone gets turned off when putting in charge?

• Not a favourable charger

Most of us don't use the original charger which is a huge mistake! The science is quite easy to understand.

Original smartphone charger is made for your smartphone and is only valid for your smartphone.

For example - You can't use a different company charger to charge the different company smartphone.

Some say we use the same company charger but that's actually not real. Dummy chargers are available at low cost.

I did the same mistake purchased dummy charger and ended my phones battery life.

Only use the original official mobile charger provided by your smartphone brand. 

• Pin port not matched 

This can be related to the above reasons because when we insert a wrong charger the charging pin is not matched with the phone charging port but we try to put it and think that our phone will get charge.

But the fact is the ports are not matched hence your phone gets turned off due to battery low.

The original charger has the correct pin at the end to match with the port of your phone.

• Charging port damaged

This can occur due to wrong placement of charging pin, not using the authentic charger or charging port gets damaged due to falling of phone on the floor from a high height.

• Adapter not working 

The charging adapter which converts ac to dc current to charge your smartphone gets damaged due to high current or minor wiring issues. 

•  Usb wire not working

This can be another reason for your phone not getting charged. Normally fast charging chargers have high watts and their wires are particularly designed to transfer electrons at a faster rate.

But the drawback which I experience is sometimes the charger gets damaged due to voltage fluctuations.

• Battery has issues

Your smartphone battery is built and designed to provide a good backup + the needed performance.
If your battery is not good condition and is damaged then you might face this issue!

How the battery gets damaged?

1. Not using the official charger

2. Charging every time

3. Charging overnight

4. Always keep changing sources of charging like( power bank and other external sources)

• Battery % error

Sometimes your phone can show the wrong charging percentage and you will get mislead yourself that when to charge or when not to.

How to fix battery % error?

1. Do a software update

2. Restart your phone

3. Clean harmful files

If still problems are not solved go to a phone technician.

• Phone friendly cover

One day my dad was charging his phone (type c charger type) and I noticed that my dad took out the phone cover then plugged in the charger, I thought that maybe the phone gets warmer during the charging time due to electric energy is converting in heat energy.

When I asked my Dad that is your phone gets too much warmer while charging, he replied to me NO, my phone won't charge when the back cover attached.

I got confused so I checked and found that the hole where the charging port is present is not in proper size. 

It was a small rectangular hole and when I insert the USB type c it would stick a little outside and resulting not properly inserted.

What I learned is to make sure to check whether your back cover is friendly with your phone or not.

What I mean to say is make sure the holes of charging ports and speakers must be open enough.

Well, this was all hope if found this article helpful for you! Do share with your friends.

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