Jun 1, 2021

best mouse pad for gaming under 1000

best mouse pad for gaming under 1000 in india

Presenting you the awesome collection of a mouse pad for gaming under ₹1000/- which are available in the markets. We will deliver you a quick review so that you can choose the best one for your ultimate gaming experience.

These are budget-friendly and have a tough build design that provides seamless mouse controls.

best gaming mouse pad under 1000 in india

1. Redgear mp35 speed
gaming mouse pad under ₹1000 in india
Basic Description:
  • Brand - Redgear
  • Size Available - Small / Medium / Large
  • Mat Size - 350 x 250 x 4 (mm)
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Special Features:

1-  Anti-Slip layer lock design

2- Compatible with all the gaming mouse

3- Sensor friendly smooth surface

4- Speed surface for a fast and accurate gaming experience

2. Tukzer mouse pad
mouse pad for gaming under 1000 rs
Basic Description:

  • Brand - Tukzer 
  • Size Available - Small / Medium 
  • Mat Size - 9.7 x 8.2 x 0.8 (inches)
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Special Features:

1- Wide surface area with anti-interruption protection

2- Anti-Slip rubber base layer 

3- Air inside foam raise wrist support

4- Heat resistant material 

3. Darbuck mouse pad for gaming
best mouse pad for gaming in india

Basic Description:

  • Brand - Darbuck
  • Size Available - Small  
  • Mat Size - 22 x 18 (cm)
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Special Features:

1- Anti-skid + Anti-slip premium rubber surface

2- Up to 3mm thickness base for durable movement of the mouse

3- High-Density surface vibrant color [washable + dust resistant]

4- Build with natural rubber material for speed + comfortable gaming experience

4. RPM Euro Mouse pad
gaming mouse pad under ₹1000
Basic Description:

  • Brand - RPM Euro
  • Size Available - Small / Large
  • Mat Size - 80 x 30 x 0.3 (inches)
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Special Features:

1- Non-slip base with deep resistant shading

2- Easy to clean surface rubber with sensor friendly smooth layer

3- Waterproof and dust resistant layer

4- Stitched edges for longer durability
5- War Hammer GX speed
gaming mouse pad under 1000
Basic Description:

  • Brand - War hammer
  • Size Available - Large
  • Mat Size - 30 x 11 (inches)
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Special Features:

1- Special microfiber weave mechanism for faster speedy mouse movements

2- Non-slip coating rubber base for anti-slide or anti-slip movements.

3- Water + Dust resistant with easy cleaning

4- Smooth upper base for effortless movements that delivers excellent accuracy
6- SpinBot Armor pro gaming mouse pad
best mouse pad for gaming under 500
Basic Description:

  • Brand - SpinBot
  • Size Available - Medium
  • Mat Size - 350 x 270 (mm)
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Special Features:

1-  Waterproof fabric upper rubber base 

2- Provides smooth movements through its ultra microlayer rubber fabric

3- Optical mouse sensor friendly base

4- Anti-slip base that sticks for long with its 5 mm durable thickness

7. Redragon Pisces gaming mouse pad
best budget gaming mouse pad in india
Basic Description:

  • Brand - Redragon
  • Size Available - Large
  • Mat Size - 13 x 10 x 1 (inches)
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Special Features:

1- The thick foam rubber provides a smooth surface which makes it easy to control the movements

2- Equipped with anti-slide + anti-slip rubber base layer

3- Curl free side edges protection 

4- Delivers ultra-precise accuracy through its microlights layer at the top

Conclusion: Which one to buy?

Before making a purchase you must know certain points in order to make your purchase worth it, we have some points to consider before buying any mouse pad for gaming in India

Which mousepad is best for gaming?

The mouse pad which has -

1. Anti-slip rubber base material

2. Speedy layer upper smooth surface

3. Optical laser sensor friendly surface

4. Waterproof + Dust resistant surface

5. Strong stitched side curl-free edges 

6. Strong rubber base layer

Considering all these above points a mouse pad that complies with these features is known as the best mousepad for gaming.

Here a couple of lists that support these features-

  • Amazon Basics SBD Mini gaming mouse pad
  • Riatech gaming mousepad
  • Red Gear MP35
  • IT2M designer mouse pad
  • Tukzer Gel mouse pad

What is the best color for a mouse pad?

The color of a mouse pad, however, doesn't matter that a lot but all that actually matters are the bottom rubber base and the upper speedy + control layer for faster and accurate movements of the mouse.

The most common colors for a mouse pad are - Black, Red, Grey, and designer combinations

Why are gaming mouse pads so expensive?

The gaming mousepads are delicately made for extreme and hardcore gaming, the durability of the normal mouse pad vs the gaming mouse pad is not the same.

The gaming mouse pads have a strong rubber base and curl-free side edges that stick to the surface and remain stable through their anti-lock build design.

They have an anti-slip and anti-slide layer with a smooth laser sensor-friendly upper rubber base that provides precise control and faster response in gaming.

Do mouse pads really matter?

YES, mousepads provide a smooth surface to the sensors of the optical mouse that works efficiently and provides faster response and movement control.

The optical laser sensors of the mouse can be damaged or will not work properly if the surface is not good and sensor-friendly.

It is recommended to use a mouse pad for the wired or wireless mouse so that it can work easily and can be durable for a longer period of use.

The life of the mouse is affected however it will perform without a mouse pad too but will not deliver a quick response as compared to the mouse pad.


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