Oct 1, 2020

fix desktop icon not showing in windows 8 pc

Let's see how you can fix desktop icon not showing in windows 8 pc right away with some recommended instructions. Currently, I use Windows 10 and I observed the same error on my pc.

how you can fix desktop icon not showing or disappeared 

I found out the solution and will share you my personal experience and solution to fix desktop icon not showing in windows 8/10 operating system.

The instructions are same either if you are the user of Windows 8 or Windows 10 you can navigate the possible fixing steps which I will show you here, there is nothing much to worry about.

Desktop icon disappeared in windows 8

1. You have to switch "Desktop mode" by exiting from "Tablet mode".

2. Search "Tablet mode" in your pc and select to open "Tablet mode settings".

3. Select "Desktop Mode" in When I sign in option.

4. Now select  "Always ask me before switching" from the automatic switch option.

5. Toggle "OFF" the hide app icons on the taskbar or tablet mode.

6. Toggle "OFF" automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode. 

7. Disable "Tablet mode" from the notification centre (right corner) by a single click on the icon.

After performing all the seven steps you might see that you pc icons will be visible to you like normally as it was earlier.

If you are the user of windows 8 or windows 10 and you are facing this desktop icon not showing error in your windows pc even after having compatible protected safe software or any type of application.

You can follow the steps provided above and still your issue isn't resolved again then have a try on this method to enable desktop icon in your windows 8 pc.

Windows 8 desktop icon blank solution

1. Go to the home screen in your windows 8 pc and right-click anywhere.

2. Select "view" and scroll down and "tick mark show desktop icons"

3. You desktop icons will be visible in your desktop screen again.

Please note: 

After performing the above steps, Go to control panel and search "File Explorer Option" click and select "Restore defaults" after applying click on OK.

Sometimes due to some corrupt files or items in windows 10 or windows 8, you might see this system error. Always use well-certified anti-virus software for you pc to stay protected against these type of errors.

Ensure that the tablet mode gets turned off after use and follow the steps above if there is any difficulty in turning off the tablet mode.

This is an updated solution on how you can fix desktop icon not showing in windows 8 pc, if this article didn't help you out, you may contact us on our social media handles!


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