Oct 17, 2020

enable live captions in Samsung galaxy f41

enable live captions in Samsung galaxy f41

Live caption feature is a truly amazing and helpful feature in this smartphone, recently Samsung has launched a brand new smartphone called 'Samsung Galaxy F41" and it has a feature of Live captions on the go, follow the step by step guide to enable live caption.

enable real-time caption in Samsung f41

1. Scroll down the notification bar and slide towards the right side and you will see an option "Live caption"

2. If the option isn't visible in the notification bar then select the three-dot menu from the top right corner and you will see the following options:
  • Button order
  • Quick Panel
  • Status bar
  • Contact us
3. Select "Button order" and a list of quick settings panel will open where you will need to drag and drop the live caption box icon.

Benefits of Live caption in Samsung galaxy f41 || Samsung live caption

  • Friendly with videos or movies
If you play any movies or stream any kind of shows you can enable live caption feature in Samsung f41 to see the real-time captions on the screen itself while watching your favourite shows.

This feature is very helpful to those who watch contents that are not in their regional languages, that's why live captions can be handy for those. 

  • Doesn't require internet
This is why people love this feature, you can get realtime caption on your screen without any internet, simply play your videos or audio contents and enjoy the live caption displayed on your screen.

  • Songs with captions
Not only video contents and formats this live caption feature in Samsung 41 smartphone supports audio formats too. Play your desired music or podcasts, get subtitles in your screen instantly.

  • Caption your own voice
You can also record your own voice and get realtime caption on the screen, firstly you will need to enable the live caption then, Go to voice recorder and record your voice in supported languages.

Please note:

Live caption feature only works in supported languages, to get correct and accurate live captions on your phone's screen, try to use this feature in supported languages.

The supported languages could be not the same in different smartphones like, Samsung have may certain language support but that language is not supported in one plus smartphones.

List of smartphones supported with live caption feature

Basically live caption feature was launched in Android 10, so it will be a pretty common feature in most of the smartphones who are operating at Android 10 or above.


Q.1 What is Samsung live caption?

Sol. It used to show the captions on the screen while you are watching any movies, listening to songs, streaming online audio or video contents or live video calls. 

Q.2 When we need to use live captions?

Sol. Live captions aren't all-time necessary to be turned on, as it will just put on device battery but live caption is needed utmost when we are watching or streaming contents or in audio/video calls in differ t languages. 

This feature helps to understand the languages to the users without any third-party software or apps.

Q.3 How to Turn on captions?

Sol. Turning ON the live captions is super easy but the method could be different for a variety of smartphones. However, the common method is-

  • Notification Panel
  • Accessibility and developer settings 

Q.4 How to enable subtitles in android without internet?

Sol. The live caption feature doesn't require any internet or wifi connections, simply enable the feature and play your contents, the subtitles will appear automatically on the screen.

Conclusion: The live caption feature can be very useful in different ways in android smartphones if you have any doubts you put your questions in the comment box! 

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