Sep 19, 2020

how to fix headphone mode not showing in Samsung galaxy a20s

How to fix the earphone/headphone icon not showing in Samsung galaxy a20s?

You might have probably thought why this problem occurred on your phone! So read this article fully and carefully, I will explain you step by step that how you can fix this issue permanently!

First, I will share you the reasons why this earphone icon not showing problem occurs in galaxy a20s. Few users have already face this issue and I was one of them!

When you plug in your headphone/earphone to listen to songs, calls and other media activity the output sound changes to your external headphones/earphones!

Till this, above principle, is clear to all of us! Now I will divide this problem into two types (must read carefully)

Type 1 (Headphone/Earphone mode not going even after plugging it out)

Now some users face an issue that when they plug out there headphones the output sound is still for the external media device only i.e (headphone mode).

They are unable to listen sound from the phone loudspeakers when they successfully plug out the headphone but still there phone is in headphone mode which means the output sound is still for headphone/earphone (even after plugging it out).

Type 2 (Headphone/Earphone mode not showing even after connecting successfully)

In this issue, it is clear that when the user inserts earphone to the mobile device the output sound should be coming in the earphones but there is not sound in earphone rather its output sound is till the phone speakers.

How to fix these problems?

Service centres may charge you for this a bit around (10-15)$ and as due to lack of knowledge you might end up wasting money for this small issue.

The employee at the centre may provide you with the false technical damages like (physical damages, water inside the phone, broke parts, etc) which is eventually a fake issue.

Here are the possible reasons which are common in both the type of problems (1&2).

1. Poor headphones leads to damage the jack!

• If you ever used local cheap price headphones that hardly under (3-4)$, they are injurious to your smartphone's headphone jack! 

• You might have been noticed that sometimes when you insert it doesn't connect for the first time and you keep going for the second-third time.

• Sometime sound isn't clear so you again re-insert it and this can lead damages to the internal parts of the jack. The socket might get damaged.

2. Avoid using phones with wet hands!

Here's is a question for you!

How many of you use your smartphone while eating and even in the washroom? [COMMENT BELOW]

• Using your smartphone while having food is totally normal nowadays mostly in teens age! Touching the phone screen with wet hands can lead serious damages to the phones unless it's protected with high-end safety features (gorilla glass, splashproof, etc)

• If the water goes inside the charging port of headphone socket you can face issues so its better to avoid touching and always use with dry hands. 

3. Home theatres can be heavy for your tiny headphone jack!

• If you frequently use and connect with home theatre surround sound system then you may face this problem.

• Home theatres are heavy and run on AC current and the 3.5mm headphone jack is inserted in your phone. Now what happens is the fluctuations in the voltages (very high or sudden low) it directly affects your headphone jack and the IC can be shot or damaged due to these fluctuations.

• These voltage fluctuations can also damage the motherboard of the phone (this is very very rare) so for the next time use it safely.

How to fix headphone mode in android device?


How to fix the headphone icon not showing in android device?

The solution for both the issue is the same! Perform the following steps for possible fixing of these problems!

1. Restart your device ( once or twice) times.

2. Perform Reset to Default settings.

3. Do a factory reset or completely format your phone. 

4. Get your headphone socket/jack changed via authorised service centre or if the phone is out of warranty then get it changed via local shops.

5. Always use brand authorised headphones in order to avoid these problems.

Conclusion: So this was all the important points and possible reasons, hope this article helped you if you have still any doubts connect with us on our social media handles.

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