Sep 27, 2020

fix google chrome not responding windows 10 dell laptop

how to fix google chrome not responding windows 10/ [for Dell users]

Method 1:

Follow all the steps to fix google chrome not responding-

  1. Open "My Pc or My computer"
  2. Go to "Local disk C drive" or "OS (c) drive"
  3. Scroll and look for Program Files [x86], open it
  4. Search for "Google" folder, open the folder
  5. Open "Chrome folder" then open "Application folder"
  6. There will be a "Chrome file"
  7. Right-click on that "Chrome file"
  8. Scroll down and select rename option and add "c1" 
  9. Right-click on "Chromec1" file and select "Send to"
  10. After opening "Send to" option then select "desktop"
  11. A new shortcut will be added on your desktop! Right-click on it
  12. Again select "Rename" and change its name back to original "Chrome"
  13. Now Run the "Chrome browser" it will perform as normal!

Method 2:

how to fix google chrome not responding problem in windows 7/8/10 

  1. Open "Start" menu and type "cmd"
  2. Select "Command Prompt" and "Run it as administrator"
  3. Write the following command - ( netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt ) then press enter!
  4. Write another command - ( netsh winsock reset ) then press enter!
  5. Lastly, write this command - ( ipconfig /flushdns ) then press enter again!
  6. Exit the command by typing exit and hit enter button!
  7. Once done, Restart your pc and then run "Chrome" to test it!
Please Note: You will need to restart your pc so that the changes can be applied successfully!

All the methods which I have shared are based totally on my personal experience, I am using windows 10 operating system in my Dell laptop (4GB/1TB) intel core i3.

I was facing the same issue of google chrome not responding in windows 10, then I went to the service centre for resolving this particular issue. 

The software engineers shared me this simple trick which is [METHOD 1] and [METHOD 2]! By applying any of this method, I never faced any problem of chrome not responding in dell laptop with windows 10.

Please Note: This trick can also work if you have windows 7/7-ultimate/8/10! 

Google Chrome keeps freezing and not responding!

If you keep having this error and your chrome browser keeps crashing every time you try to open it, then you need to perform some checks (according to software experts).

  1. Monitor your search history
  2. Make sure to reset the settings to "Default"
  3. Clear search history or browser cache
  4. Keep an anti-virus in your pc
  5. Avoid spammy sites or links
  6. Press "Shift + Esc" to open Google chrome Task manager!

Make sure to use your chrome browser with a good practice avoiding the above points can lead to these issues! Sometimes opening multiple chrome tabs can also load your chrome browser in the backend!

In the world of powerful processors and huge memory, these issues can really frustrate your user experience! Make sure to be Gentle with your gadgets!

If still your problem persists and it's not solved yet then you can drop your query in the comment box!


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